…from the beginning

The Beginning

The Australian Time Trials Association Inc

The heading says it: we are incorporated, affiliated to the WACF, we have a membership list and a program for the rest of the season; so we exist.
We have an interim committee which is the original steering committee plus Fred Cottier, as treasurer; and Jan Meyer. This committee will continue until the AGM, which will be held in July, at which time a properly elected bunch will take over.

In the meantime we don't wish to be exclusive and welcome input from anyone with something to offer. This brings up the problem of the immediate need for assistance to run the events that are the reason for our existence. Anyone who has family, friends, no wish to ride a particular event but who is willing to help out, please let us know. In particular we will need a number of people to help at our first big event of the year, our first 'open', the 40km Championship. We want to do it properly and we have been building up to it for the last year or so, so can we have a few offers?
We would also like to hear from anyone with ideas about or the ability to gain corporate sponsorship. We're not looking for big money, which would run somewhat counter to our basic attitudes towards prize money and race nominations, but we will need a little support. We have a start for the '40' but nothing for the '80' or teams events yet

There's been a reassuring reply, finally, to an inquiry made through the WAVCA to the insurance brokers to the ACF (Bangor Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd): uninsured riders do not jeopardise the insurance of insured riders and the public liability policy does allow for the participation of non-affiliated cyclists in events.

Please note the inclusion on our program of the 40km event down Mumbellup-Donnybrook way. This is being put on by the Collie club and they are hoping we can get about 20 riders down there to make it a significant event. At the moment we're on the way to that and it looks like being a good one. We reckon on organising some sort of car-pooling to get down there. They will need to know, a week or so in advance, the names of the starters – to sort out start sheets and handicaps.
You will note that the program ends with the AUDAX 'Opperman'. In some sense the preceding events lead up to this one. There's a good possibility of ATTA having several teams riding this event this year. Anyway, keep it in mind.

Peter Meyer
(Message to members, early 1989)