Timing set-up

(Intermediate timing point)


Item Location
▪ 7Ah or 12Ah Battery Battery bag
▪ Power cable Battery bag
▪ Decoder P8 T-Box
▪ Yellow Co-ax cable A-box
▪ Timing Loop A-box
▪ Duct Tape A-box
▪ Measuring tape A-box (or wherever!)
▪ Test transponder A-box

All these fit in a blue Esky; the decoder can be connected before sending to the location in which case all that needs to be done on location is lay out and connect the loop, turn things on and check that it works (and panic if it doesn't)

Make sure that when the loop wires are attached to the connectors on the yellow co-axial cable that the connectors are firmly seated; rotate them as the insertion is made so that the contacts are 'cleaned' of any minor insulating surface adhesions.
The loop wire separation should be 60cm

The power can usually be left connected to the decoder (there is no ON/OFF switch) but if the decoder is turned off and the battery connector removed, do so with a straight pull, holding the shroud of the connector. Do not twist it.

Decoder connections
Note red index marks on power connector. decoder

Decoder Display - Ready.  display - ready

Decoder Display - Passing recorded.display_recorded

Loop Connectors.loop_connect