Age-Related Standard Times

Standard Times are the difference between the Standards (target times based on age and gender) and the Actual times. Thus: a positive value indicates a rider is faster than his or her Standard Time.

A spreadsheet is available for DOWNLOAD which enables easy calculation of Standards for various distances. Simply enter the distance in the field at the top of the sheet labelled AgeStandards.



The Standards are based on performances on flat courses.

They are primarily based on tables devised by the VTTA in the UK in 2012 when a major revision of pre-existing tables was adopted based on quite considerable contemporary data. The tables have been used by ATTA with permisson from the VTTA. The values had a further, minor 'tweek' in 2013 based on evidence from the 2012 season and further revisions in 2019 and 2021, beginning a regular two-year revision cycle.

We have extended the tables to include some younger riders (Masters, under 40 years) based on assumptions derived from our own data but at the same time have abandoned our previous attempts to cater for an even wider range of riders and machines.