The Panther Trophy

lake_morning.jpg lesch_panther.jpg panther1.jpg panther2.jpg panther_mng.jpg

Early on a brisk Sunday morning in the carpark at The Lakes Roadhouse, Paul Bevis discovered a carved, wooden statuette in the boot of a second-hand car he had bought a day or so previously: a real trophy!

There was a good crowd at the MTB event and we thought there was a need to recognise the skill and effort of the winner that day.

And, so the "Panther" was born. She has had the addition of a prosthetic medal and a good, solid jarrah plinth since she joined us and the course has moved to its permanent home of Lake Leschenaultia.

She's loved by some and viewed somewhat ambivalently by others but is an indisputable part of ATTA's tradition.