Here is a brief description of each course, its facilities or lack thereof. Clicking on the icon will download a map which will open in a separate browser window.
Climb Indices are metres climbed per km road distance.

Some of these courses are no longer used by us but we have kept the listing so you can see where we did ride.


maplinkBibra Lake Course 16km

Bibra Lake is a very popular 16km course around the Lake itself. There is plenty of parking where we meet on the western side in Progress Drive; there are also toilets. Some great times were set on this course when our summer evening series attracted up to 150 riders for each of the 10 races held; we continued on from there: many, many PBs. We can no longer hold evening races at this venue but the Good Friday races have continued the tradition. The road surface and alignment has been improved over the years and, although the insertion of the roundabouts was, from our point of view, questionable, the course record is now around 50km/h. We meet and take registrations in the carpark 100m north of the junction of Gwilliam Dve with Progress Dve – close to the finish.

The start is on the east side of the lake and there are plenty of roads over there for warm-ups (OFF the course). There is also a bike path around the lake for casual, recreational riders (eg non-racing friends and family) and BBQ facilities. 2.5 laps of 6.2km.

maplinkBrigadoon - Hillclimb 2.9km
Gradient: 5.9%

Campersic Rd; start in Camargue Dve (~150m NW of Campersic); finish at the roundabout sign at the top. This course was first used for the Wild West Hand-cycle tour in 2006. Another version had been used earlier (2004) for Police games. This started in Campersic Rd back towards Haddrill St. Usual meeting place is the State Equestrian Centre carpark in Cathedral Ave.

An alternative meeting place is just west of the railway crossing in Camargue Dve.

maplinkBrookton Hwy Hilly Classics Course 49km
Climb Index: 8.6. See: Google Maps

For a few years Main Roads kept digging up and rearranging the course. One year it was reduced to 33km. No one complained though as the start was at a popular picnic spot and the weather was nice; a few flies though. Normally the start is from the car park at Tomeo's Petrol Station about 1km past (SE) the end of Canning Rd. If Tomeo's carpark is unavailable we can use a nearby sports ground or possibly negotiate the use of the Rock Inn Tavern carpark just 600m up the road. The course is a gently rolling one, climbing all the way to the turn (the highest point) but with no tough climbs except, perhaps the last one on the way back which is a bit testing; the downhill finish is very nice though!

maplink Bullsbrook 77km maplink 40km

Starting in Bullsbrook the '80'km version is certainly one of our more complex courses. The finish is some distance (5km) from the start so if you expect to be too tired to make it back under your own steam, organise to get a lift back or drop your car off at the finish and use the ride to the start as your warm-up. Plenty of facilities in Bullsbrook with toilets at the information bay which is our meeting place.

The 40km version in '01 was the first part of the longer course but continuing south down Muchea/ Railway and back around to Gt Northern Hwy and north to Bullsbrook finishing just before the town; actually closer to 39km! We tried a version of this in '99 which was 40km but we didn't come back up the highway. Really, we're still yearning for those heady days of the Gingers Cafe rides up and down the highway.
Starting in 2002 we used another variation: 2 laps of the circuit of GtNorthern Hwy to Muchea, down Muchea Rd S beside the railway and across Rutland back to the highway. The start is in Rutland next to the bridge and the finish is on Muchea Rd S just north of Rutland (1.4km short of the start the second time around!) The start is about a 4km ride from our meeting place at the Information Bay.

2002 "40" version


maplinkCalga Course NSW

This is the location map of the 25km course that the NSW mob use (with its profile). A 40km version, used previously, has now been lengthened to 43km to afford a safer turn-around. From early 2004 a 12.5km point-to-point version became an option, riding out to the 25km turn as a warm-up and TTing the return "downhill"!

Course & event guidelines

Link to GoogleMaps

maplinkCanning Mills Rd, Kelmscott - Hillclimb
  Fast 50

We meet in Rushton Park where registrations, presentations etc for the event all take place. The start is just over the bridge in Clifton Street 50m from the junction with Orlando Street (it becomes Canning Mills Rd about there). Pedal up the hill to finish 20m past Kylie Rd. It's an average gradient of 1:13.3 (7.5%)

maplinkCanning Vale Course (Baile Rd)

We held a relay race at this venue with teams of three drawn on the day, completely at random. Riders just nominated which distance they wished to ride: 2, 3 or 5 laps and their names went into the appropriate "hat". Parking was in a small car park next to the start; there were no toilets or change facilities. If you've never won a race before you had a chance here. The last few years we used the course, we abandoned Bannister Rd and used a smaller course involving Baile Rd and a loop through a newer light industrial development off Baile Rd. It was still fun and fast.

maplinkChampion Lakes Regatta Centre

First used in October 2008.
You enter the Centre by Henley Drive off Lake Rd at the Cammillo Rd roundabout. Parking is available on the right of Henley Drive before the bridge and the grassed assembly area we currently use. There is a public toilet block there. Toilets will also be available on the island on most occasions.
The 'Events Path', the one closest to the water around the perimeter of the Lake, is 5km long. We now typically ride in the anticlockwise direction (although we began by riding clockwise; until April 2011). On the far side of the course - the 'western' side, close to Tonkin Hwy, Road C is a good place to warm up. The island is also a good place to warm up if there are no other events being run concurrently. After finishing, you continue around the course to the exit at the top end of the course, across the pedestrian bridge and back across the island to our assembly area.

Chidlow|Wundowie maplink 40km Hilly Classic Course
Climb Index: 9.6   Fast 50

Chidlow|Wundowie (see: Google Maps): the meeting place is the Chidlow Community Hall in Old Northam Rd. The course is a fairly straight-forward ride through Wooroloo out to Wundowie on the Old Northam Road. A few riders have taken the opportunity to ride up the slip road to the Prison Farm entrance, but it does no good to their times: it's a dead end... There are a couple of climbs on the way back, the toughest about 5km to go; you'll recognise it on the way out for sure (it's a fast, downhill bit). Start and finish are a bit over 1km south of the Hall, back towards Great Eastern Highway.

Facilities at the Chidlow Community Hall are good with toilets both behind the hall and in the park opposite and lots of shady trees to park under.

Chidlow 'B' 27.2km Hilly Classic Course
Climb Index: 12.5   Fast 50

The 'B' course (See: Google Maps) starts and finishes at the Primary School in Lilydale Rd and first heads out on Old Northam Rd to Wooroloo and turns left at Needham Rd. It is a tough little circuit with one very steep section, a couple of km along Needham Rd, that has had the occasional rider walking the last section. There have even been a few very strong riders who, having forgotten their small chain ring, have had to tack back and forth across the road. There's another steepish bit about 1km from the finish.

The start is in Northcote Street; the finish is in Lilydale Rd. at the school carpark entrance.
At the Primary school there is parking and shade; we usually arrange to have access to toilets at the school, otherwise the Community hall is not far away...

maplinkChidlow|Bailup Rd 39km Hilly Classic Course
Climb Index: 9.7 Profile  Fast 50

New for 2014. Registrations etc: the Primary school in Lilydale Rd; the start will be around the corner at the junction of Northcote St and Old Northam Rd. The finish is in Lilydale Rd at the entrance to the school carpark.

maplinkChidlow 'C' 45km, Hilly Classic Course
Climb Index:  Fast 50

New for 2014.
We meet at the Chidlow Community Hall; toilets are available at the hall or across the road. The start and finish are just up the road (Ash Rd) – about 600m, near the corner of Onslow Road.

Ash Road rolls along until it meets with Doconing (T-junction). We then head northish to Old Northam Road and back along that one to the roundabout in Chidlow; we do that four times.
Considerable care is needed at the turn in to Old Northam Road as it's on a fast downhill bit, is fairly acute and it's very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the road.

maplinkChittering 'B' Hilly Classic 47.7km
Climb Index: 8.1

Chittering "B" course (Google Maps) was the "Hillies" replacement for the old Chittering "A" course which takes you onto the Great Northern Hwy with a left turn at Muchea Rd. The "B" course keeps to the quieter roads and is more of a challenge with a couple of lovely hills out at the north east section of the course and you get to absolutely blast down the hill at the end to the finish line. Look out for cars pulling out in front of you though as you are entering a growing residential area and bikes doing 70 kph down hill are somewhat unexpected! There are toilets/change facilities just down the road at the Gt Northern Hwy junction (the meeting place for the Bullsbrook rides, in fact) and our meeting point and start finish is in what is now a nice little park just down Chittering road from the turnoff Gt Northern Hwy; next to the Volunteer Fire Brigade and Sports Ground..

The final ride on this course was in 2013


maplinkDale River MTB TT Course

This was a classic course! A hard roller coaster ride up and down the hills of a secluded property approximately 90km south west of Perth down the Brookton Hwy. Only raced on once a year and for limited numbers; it was not to be missed when you saw it on the calendar! Sadly, we no longer use it.

maplinkDiggers Rest, Victoria 20km

Flat course
Melway Map Ref: 351 K3

maplink Gidgegannup'A' course, 39km; maplinkGidge'B', 40km and maplink'C', 39.4km
Climb Index: A:9.6; B:17.5; C: ?

The 'A' course (see: Google Maps) is quite fast with a bit of a slope up to- and some 'big dipper' hills along Stoneville Rd but the rest of the course, especially along Bunning Rd, is mostly big ring stuff. Sorry: there's a bit of a squeeze up the final 50m to Toodyay Rd but then you have a lovely long and fast downhill section. The highest elevation is at the turn into Bunning Rd (12.5km). Two laps take care of this course although one is an option. The Start and Finish is now in Bunning Rd just past the entrance to the Primary School where we park and register. Toilets are accessible at the school or in the Showgrounds, at the western end. The Showgrounds are about 400m away, across Toodyay Rd.

Gidge 'B' (see: GoogleMaps), the so-called 'SuperHilly' course is a testing 40km and no-one had come close to breaking the hour until Luke Durbridge did it in 2010. We used to meet at the gazebo in the car park just to the west of the Gidgegannup shopping centre (on the right as you enter town from Perth) but we now use the Gidge Primary School as we do for Gidge 'A'. While the start is on the left in Reserve Rd just prior to entering town from Perth, the finish is directly opposite the shopping centre. The biggest and toughest climb is out of the valley along O'Brien Rd from the creek crossing; it's pretty much 'up' all the way back to Toodyay Rd; character-building stuff! We usually take intermediate times at the 11km point: the turn from Berry into Clenton Rd.

Gidge 'C' (see: GoogleMaps) is a variation on the above since 2018 when we were not be able to ride on Toodyay Rd due to roadworks; it has become a permanent change for this event. The route is: Reserve Rd - Berry | Copley Dale Road, turning just before Clenton Road and retracing – easy!


maplinkHennessy Road, Whiteman

Parking and registration will be at the carpark of the WA Model Aircraft Sports Centre (WAMASC) and the Model Off-Road Buggy Club.

This is a Hotdog Course — a 6km loop. The start is approx. 50m south of the entrance to the WAMASC. Ride south to the first U-turn which is approx. 250m north of the bend to the Beechboro Road N intersection. Head north along the western shoulder lane to the second U-turn approx. 100m south of the Jules Steiner Memorial Drive intersection. Head south again; the finish line is on the western side of Hennessy, approximately 50m north of the driveway to WAMASC, so you pass through the southern U-turn SIX times. After finishing, continue north to just past Baal St where it's possible to safely do a U-turn and return to the WAMASC.
FIVE+ laps give a total distance of 29.1km. It's a good wide road but is NOT a closed road, so Traffic Rules apply and a flashing rear light is needed on the bike.

Use the PSP along Tonkin Hwy/NorthLink for warm-ups.

maplinkHerne Hill
  Fast 50

Our meeting place is the Herne Hill Primary School in Argyle St. (Toilets are available). Recently we have preferred a 9.45km circuit: Lefroy; Oakover; Campersic and William Rds, riding 8.5 laps starting in Campersic Rd just North of Lennard St for the 80km option. The 40km version has its start in William St almost opposite Moore Rd (ie 2.2km back from the finish). Finish is at the bus-stop in Lefroy Ave 100m South of Argyle St. The road surface in Oakover is a bit heavy but William St is fast with a bit of a dip in it. The roads are a bit narrow so caution is needed on the corners to avoid overcooking; traffic density is increasing.

The map also shows a circuit with an 80km start in Padbury Ave. This larger, anticlockwise circuit, that has lost favour, is Lefroy Ave, Oakover Rd, Campersic Rd and Padbury Ave - 11.2km laps (x7 for the 80km!).

Herne Hill is just across the river from the West Swan course that is no longer available to us.

maplinkHillclimb - see Canning Mills Rd

maplink Hopeland 80km, 160km maplink 80km (Lakes Rd version)
and Hopeland 40 km and 30km courses

The Hopeland '40' and '30' Google Maps
  Fast 50

The 'Gents' 2021 event marked a change for Hopeland courses: it mistakenly used an abbreviated version of the '40' course that had been used once before – the initial, 7.5km Punrak, Karnup, Hopeland circuit was eliminated. While lengthening the 'Gents' course by turning close to Lakes Rd rather than Readheads, the error presaged the effects of changes to traffic management requirements of the local authority: the Hopeland '30' would become the practicable option on Hopeland Rd. The '30' is actually 31.3km, starting and finishing at the hall and turning approximately 60m north of the Lakes Rd junction.

The Community Hall in Hopeland Rd, about 1.2km south of Karnup Rd is our meeting place/ HQ. It has toilets, rain-water on tap and a very comfortable verandah (or even the hall itself) to shelter from inclement weather (the hall was once the local Primary School). Don't listen to what people have suggested about Hopeland Rd (it once had a few potholes and was a little narrow and remote); the HQ has always been a very pleasant place to start and finish your ride. The natives are friendly.

The Mundijong 40.6km circuit was, of course also 1 lap of the 80km/160km course we have used.
We used to have other variations for 80km and 160km events going out to Ennis Ave, down to Mandurah and back via Lakes Rd

Hopeland was the centre for most of our Championships for a number of years.

The Hopeland Mundijong 160km course - Google Maps

The Hopeland 'Gents' Course Google Maps

This version of a Gents course was used for the first time in 2014; and the last time in 2020.
The start is at the entrance gate to the Community Hall; we travelled south to Readheads Road (13.8km), turned and retraced to finish 30m north of the hall entrance gate.

maplinkHumevale, Victoria 10km Hillclimb

Melway Map Ref: 610 N11


maplinkKinglake West, Victoria 40km

Melway Map Ref; 610 N11

The time trial started and finished at the Kinglake West General Store on the Whittlesea-Yea Road and was an out-and-back course.

The profile of the 40km is best described as a large "U". The first half of the race to the turn-around loses approximately 250m in altitude. At the turn-around the first 15km on the run home is an undulating road with an overall gain of approximately 110m. The next 4km until 1.5km from the finish the riders will face a steady climb averaging approximately 4-4.5% with short sections reaching 7-8%. The final 1.5km run to the finish consists of firstly a fast downhill section followed by a short climb to the finish line.

The perfect time trial here will be the rider that does not get too excited by the very fast first half where average speeds for this 20km may reach 50km/h and conserves enough energy in the first 35km for the attack on the final 5km section where huge chunks of time will be lost or gained

google_mapsKings Park
  Fast 50

The Lovekin Sausage 17km - Early-Birds The course available to us in Kings Park, for some years now, is the stretch of Lovekin Drive between the Eastern and Western ends of Forrest Drive. The road is closed to motor traffic for the events and the start and finish is at the Pines Car-park about 400m from the city end of Lovekin; five clockwise laps of a 3.4km 'sausage' are needed. Registrations also are at the Pines and once racing begins, access needs to be by cautious use of the left-hand margin of the road. We are not permitted to ride on any of the various paths.

15.2km Climb Index: 9.8
We waited a long time to have a legitimate attempt at this course; maybe too long for some of us. And, to celebrate we produced our first profile map and offered a discounted 16km (because of the hill!). The start and finish were at the top of the hill in Forrest Drive, opposite the Pioneer Women's Memorial. We turned left into Lovekin Drive and swooped down the long slope past the Broadwalk to turn left into Forrest and begin the climb back up to the top just as you passed the end of Park Rd and curved left; four laps of 3.8km each - no time to take it easy and enjoy the river views or wildflowers then. You can do that now on a cool down lap or two up and down Forrest Drive. Or do it on your warm-up but remember that the traffic detoured from Lovekin Drive will also be using Forrest Drive.

The B option 17.7km: used for several seasons before The Sausage became the only course available to us: assembly, start and finish, as now, was in the Pines carpark (430m west of the top end of Forrest Dve) and the Lovekin-May Dve circuit was ridden in an anti-clockwise direction; 3 laps.

Post-race coffee and cake at the Zamia is always enjoyable.


maplink Lakes|Inkpen Rd Hilly Classic 46.3km
Climb Index: 7.4

Or see: Google Maps

We've used two versions of this course. The original format was a circuit of Southern Hwy, Inkpen and back along Great Eastern Hwy (43km). The Lakes Roadhouse is open 24 hours and so all the usual services you would expect from a Roadhouse are there. The course starts with a steady 3km climb then rolls on for the next 41 kms. Of course the last 3km coming home are great!! The turn into Inkpen Rd can be treacherous with (usually) a generous layer of gravel; so take care, marshals are there but you still need to heed their warnings about speed and traffic. The halfway turn is rather narrow, despite being at a road junction, so caution is needed there also: lots of gravel here too. Mel Davies did a great job turning everyone one year by doing a little jig that so bemused riders they slowed down to ask if he was OK (he's Welsh, you know!); anyway, it worked!

Unfortunately we have now had to abandon this course because of increased traffic density on York Rd.

maplinkLangford Park, Jarrahdale

After a year's break, in August 2020, The Panther moved house. The event is now held on fire access, gravel roads within the park—not any of the many MTB trails laid out there. So the course is suitable for a variety of off-road bike: CX; gravel and, of course MTB (including Hand-cycle MTBs). The circuit is approx 4km and we've stayed with the distance the Panther has always been, 20km. It is fast, like some of the other off-road ITT rides we had so long ago. The ride is clockwise with a total climb/lap estimated at 83m

maplinkLake Leschenaultia

One of our original MTB TT courses which until 2019, was the home of the Panther Trophy event, our last remaining MTB TT. This course has been permanently signed although in a form somewhat modified from the original versions we rode. Still it's a good, non-technical ride in a rather beautiful bit of local bush. Follow the signs from Chidlow; only a couple of km. On entering the park, follow the road around to the right to a gazebo just past the Trailhead. The last event at the Lake was in August 2018. New trails were laid out that posed too much conflict with our course and were, themselves, unsuited to our event.

Visit The Panther Trophy page

maplinkLake Walyungup Course 40 km

This course was in limbo for a while because Freeway extensions through the area increased the traffic flow along the narrow Old Mandurah Rd to a dangerous level. We were hopeful of some sort of a return to it but it never happened. The car park in Safety Bay East Rd was about 400m East of Ennis Ave; no loo's or change facilities, but plenty of bushes. (We did hire dunnies for the bigger events!) Still we had a number of excellent rides there including a number of championships: 40, 80 and even one 160km (and that, on a 13km circuit!).

maplinkLancefield, Victoria 30km

Melway Map Ref: 609 J8


maplinkMandogalup 40.8km

(Mandogalup, Wattelup, Postans, Hope Valley, Abercrombie and Anketell Rds)

Meet at the carpark on the corner of Mandogalup and Anketell Rds. It's just off the Freeway. It's only about a 3km ride North from the Kwinana railway station. The course undulates a little; the road surface is good. There can be a bit of traffic particularly on Wattelup and Anketell Rds. Warming-up should be done in Spectacles Dve. Toilets are available. Traffic on Anketell Road saw the demise of this course; the local authority refused permission to use it.

maplinkMark Webb Memorial - Toodyay to Gidgegannup 44km
Climb Index: 12.8  Check out the profile

This ride is our only Place to Place event at the moment and, since 1997, has commemorated the life of Mark who died tragically the previous year. Mark rode as a junior with us in our earlier incarnation as the WA Vets and, like the rest of his family, was committed to the ethos of the TT (despite being an extremely accomplished track and road rider! Yes, we do know they are not mutually exclusive!). Most years Mark's parents, Tony and Maggie have personally presented the perpetual trophy they donated for the event and, at the same time, keepsake 'replicas' for the previous year's winners (male and female).

A testing, rolling, thoroughly enjoyable course entirely on Toodyay Rd: after a 2km flattish, fast start, you climb for 6km, descend that hill and then are climbing to the highest point at about 23km; 15km mainly downhill; a little bump; 3.5km up Big Gidge and 800m down to the finish. And yes, we have managed a following Easterly a couple of times now.

We organise a bus to take riders and their bikes from the finish at Gidgegannup (next to the shopping centre) to the start in Toodyay. If you want a seat on the bus you must let the race organiser know beforehand. We haven't had to leave anybody behind for lack of space - yet. However, a few people have had to make hasty alternative arrangements to get to Toodyay for the start or back there after the finish to pick up their cars when they 'misjudged' the departure time. Still, if you do have to ride back it's a good cool down, if you take it easy!

From 2017 the Toodyay start will be adjusted to compensate for the finish being moved to 50m east of Bunning Road (opposite the bakery). Registrations will still be at the Community Health Centre 500m along Stirling Terrace (the continuation of Toodyay Rd) past the Goomalling Rd junction. Public toilets are available in Toodyay a couple of blocks into town from the start and one block back: in Duke St, North.
Registrations are either in Gidge or at the Health Centre carpark.

Our last 'Mark Webb' event was in 2019. Initially, due to proposed road upgrades, we didn't plan an event in 2020 but Mark's family then decided that, after twenty years, it was time to let Mark rest in peace. It's unlikely we'll return to the course as MRWA are making increasingly onerous demands concerning traffic management.

maplinkMundijong Courses 40km circuit (See: Hopeland)

What can we say about Mundijong? There have been many courses, laid out around this area over many years of TTing., This area has a lot of history for the club and while the road surface had been pretty dubious at times and the ever increasing traffic volumes caused some problems we still managed one or two rides a year here. But that's all finished; the 28 km "Gents" was our last regular event. he


maplink The Gents, Mundijong 28km

A 'new' course (since 1998) for this popular two-up race which had been run for over 25 years, this course was used until 2012. It's a two lap circuit using part of the old Gents course (to respect tradition). We met in the sportsground carpark in Mundijong (see above) and rode the 3 km to the start in Kargotich Rd. The finish remained in the old place, so there was continuity. Special Race Rules apply.

In 2013 we moved to a new circuit in Serpentine; further south. Our meeting place was the Hopeland Community Hall and the circuit comprised: Karnup-Rapids-Rowe-Hopeland Rds (9.9km).

The Hopeland Gents course. But in 2014 The Gents moved again. Still based at the Hopeland Community Hall, we headed out along Hopeland Road to turn at Readheads Road.


maplinkNeaves Rd 39km

Rod Randall had said: "Not a terribly pretty course, a long bumpy boring stretch of road out the back of Wanneroo and when the westerlies are blowing just a horrible grind back to the start. This year into the turn I was holding 52-54 Kph for the last few Ks, after the turn it was 25-28 kph! Took me 5 or 6 Ks to get up to 30+ again; just awful. There are no 'facilities' at Neaves Rd but lots of nice pine trees near the start/finish. To get some extra length the start is about a kilometre up Pinjar Rd but the finish is at the end of Neaves about 50m east of Pinjar Rd."

Actually it was not at all as grim as Rod suggested; we had some great rides there in fact. But increasing traffic density forced us to abandon this course. The pine plantation has gone now too. We moved to the Nerrabup course just to the north but have also abandoned that because of increasing urbanisation.

maplinkNeerabup 46.5km; maplink30/60km

This 46.5km version is potentially quite fast although there is a bit of a climb along Flynn Drive. The circuit is 7.75km (x 6 laps). Unfortunately the turn into and traffic along Old Yanchep Rd has been a bit of an 'issue' and we have all but abandoned this course in favour of the following:

A couple of hundred metres away is another course option - the Power Station course on Ziatis - Perry Roads. It's 30km out and back, starting at a sub-station just off Old Yanchep Rd (Pinjar Rd) and turning at the first entrance gate to the power station 15km north. Apart from a small bump out near the turn the course is mainly flat but the surface is relatively 'heavy' - compared to the nice smooth tarmac of the above circuit.

maplinkNicholls Rivulet - TAS 40km

This is a beautiful course with a superb, fast surface The start is on Nicholls Rivulet Road a couple of hundred metres from the Channel Highway junction at Oyster Cove and the turn at the western end on the relative flat as you approach Cygnet.

The event was reversed to start in Cygnet in 2006 where there are better facilities for parking etc and the first few km are a much gentler introduction to the ride!

Parking and sign-on will be at the Malvern Springs Primary School. There is NO on-road parking adjacent to the START.
Riders assemble on the entrance path to the PSP that comes from Mitre Bend, the most northerly access to the PSP in Ellenbrook.
The START is on the PSP, at the end of the entrance path—head north for approx. 20km to where the feeder path from Granary Rd (old Brand Hwy) joins in from the right, in line with Muchea; U-turn and retrace to Ellenbrook. The southern U-turn will be at the switchbox approx. 100m north of the START where a table for drinks and food will be located and there is room for hand-cycles to turn. The FINISH will be a further 100m north, to give riders who have finished time to slow and not impact those still making U-turns etc. Four laps for approx. 160km, two for 80km and one for 40km.


maplinkPerry Lakes Course, 8km Loop (16, 24 and 40km versions)
Climb Index: 8.9 - 12.5

This course has been in limbo. The local authorities require expensive traffic management for their permissions to use it; effictively this means closed roads which is not generally required for TTs. This is a bummer. It's a great course; our 6.30am-start 16km races were particularly popular as, indeed they continue to be in Kings Park. We also have a version of the course that goes up Reabold Hill but we rarely used that option. Decent loos here and parking for herds of vehicles. Care needs to be taken turning into Oceanic Drive from the park and also from Oceanic into West Coast Hwy as traffic moves through here fairly quickly and tends not to be particularly cyclist-aware. Anyway, despite the challenge of the undulating bits it's a beautiful surface and we've seen some brilliant times done. Early mornings in the park can be indescribably beautiful - bloody noisy, too (lots of bird life).

But in 2007 we did return to Perry Lakes for the WA 40km Championships
It was held in conjunction with Stage 1 of Wheelchair Sports' Wild West Tour for Hand-Cyclists

maplinkPickering Brook 30.2km
Climb Index: 10.8

…a well used course. Meet and start at the Primary School in Pickering Brook Rd, then into Forrest/ Repatriation Rds– a bit less than 7.6km per lap. This is another course we gave up because it was over-used and now, almost unusable due to conflicts with the locals.


maplinkPinjarra - West Coolup 46km

This course became available in late May 2011 with the completion of a diversion from South West Hwy to Greenlands Rd south of the Pinjarra Trotting Complex. One hour from Perth but closer than that for our friends from Bunbury, we hope it can give extra justification to pump up the tyres on their very-fast-wheels. Three laps with a final lap using Paull Road between Forrest Hwy and Old Bunbury Rd will give a full 160km. We tried out a shorter circuit on some of the roads for the '160' in 2011 (142 actual kilometers).

Other possible variations are 22km, 68km, 82k or 92km

The assembly and registration area is within the Pinjarra Trotting Club grounds at the southern end of the gravelled parking area nearest to South Western Hwy (use the gate off the old Greenlands Rd, nearest to SW Hwy - it's marked on GoogleMaps). There are toilets available. The Start and Finish is in the Greenlands Rd diversion 200m to the west of the roundabout on SW Hwy (32º 39.054' S; 115º 51.777' E)

maplinkRichmond - TAS Course 25km; 30km

Flattish but has a deceptive slope upwards on the way out! Very fast coming home. "Undulations" through Campagnia and on towards the turn.

Start, finish and meeting place is at the Richmond Sports Ground where the Southern Vets have changeroom facilities and parking. The road at the start is pretty narrow so please keep well clear until your start time is close.

maplinkRockingham Course 40km

This was once our premier 40/80/160km course, but increasing traffic volumes saw it abandoned. Now several sets of traffic lights preclude any return apart from real good training rides.The times were very quick on good days and even windy days saw some absolute blinders of times set. Registrations were normally taken in the Don Cuthbertson Reserve, Elenora Ave, although for small races it was in the shopping centre car park at the lights right next to the finish line. The 40km turn is at Madora Beach Rd, the 80 and 160km races start a bit further down Ennis Ave (south) and are, respectively, two or four laps of the 40km circuit with the southern-most turns a bit further south than the 40km course being at Meadow Springs Drive with the northern turn at the Safety Bay East Rd intersection of Ennis Ave. The finish was the same for all courses about 50 metres before the lights at Elenora Drive. Change and toilet facilities were dependent on the garage being open. Then there's the BigM place which appeared since we last used the course. The road layouts have changed somewhat since any of these course were last used.

maplinkSerpentine 20-40km

Our meeting place is the Hopeland Community Hall and the circuit: Karnup-Rapids-Rowe-Hopeland Rds (9.9km). The Hopeland Rd section was widened and resurfaced mid-2020.


maplinkShenton Park 17km

Meet in the carpark next to the Brockway Rd changerooms at UWA Park. The start is about 350m south down Brockway Rd and around the corner in Lemnos St. 4 laps of this one usually but we have done a 9 lapper; a testing little course (4.3km laps). The suface of Brockway was nicely upgraded mid 2003 and, quite recently, Stubbs Tce with the introduction of a big dip, a roundabout and an underpass to Railway Rd. So please take particular care.

We have considered a variation starting and finishing in Brockway at our meeting place and turning around the roundabout in Alfred Rd for the last lap. This would give us a nice 16km but we'd need the luxury of a few more helpers than usual!

maplinkSteels Creek, Victoria 16km

Melway Map Ref: 266 K10



maplinkTaroona - TAS 7km

The ATTA adventure in Tassie began on this course.

The Profile describes it pretty well: it's really two stages and initially it was an option to ride just the first moderate stage to the Taroona pub. But most riders went on the extra 2.4km to the top of the Bonnett. Times were usually recorded as you passed the pub; the relative speeds for the two sections are quite revealing of course. It's usually a bit nippy at the top in the evening.

maplinkWandi 16km and maplinkWandi (west)25, 42 & 83km

Google Maps

The '16' was a new course in 2002 but based on well known roads for many of us. The meeting place is at the Wandi Community Centre in DeHaer Rd approx 1.5km south of Rowley Rd.

We moved to our Rowley Road version (actual distance 10.2km/lap), first tried in 2003. Starting opposite the entrance drive to the Community Hall, we headed north to Rowley; west along the fast surface of Rowley and left through the roundabout at Lyon down to DeHaer (a whisker short of Anketell) taking you back to the start. Times have been fast. We also used the same course for a two lap "20km" Since 2005 it had been the venue for the 80km championships and since 2008, the 40km Championships.

In 2016, we had to use several modifications of our existing courses: the 40km was a 'T' shape on deHaer and Rowley Roads with U-turns on Rowley and at the start/finish in deHaer; the 80km circuit used Wandi Drive instead of Rowley Road.

Now, since 2017, we use the Wandi Drive option for both the '40'km (5 laps) and '80'km (10 laps) events; three laps will provide a 25km option.

The Community Hall is only 10km from the Cockburn Central Station on the Mandurah Rail line - travel south down the bikepath to Rowley Road, along Rowley to DeHaer - the right sort of distance for a warmup; the journey is a bit shorter from the Kwinana Station - about 7km; take your pick. Plan the trip with TransPerth.

maplinkWest Coolup 35.7km

This is the shorter of two courses on this circuit, about an hour's drive from Perth and makes use of a good stretch of Forrest Hwy. See also: Pinjarra - West Coolup. Its first use was for the 2011 '160km' Championships (… a slightly discounted distance of 142km) and used the Gun Club in Old Bunbury Rd as our assembly area. Toilets were available there. Because it's a circuit we offered options of one, two or four laps.

maplinkWest Swan 40km

This course had several revisions but both used the circuit of Harrow St, West Swan Rd, Park and Lord Streets. We're now meeting at the West Swan Oval, 500m north of Park St (cnr Henley St) and will be starting in Park Street in future. Previously we have started in Harrow St and most recently in West Swan Rd to give us the full 40km.
Quite fast; needs 3 laps (3 Lap distance is 39km). The Oval is a nice place to meet, plenty of parking and coffee is directly across the road at the Oasis; what more could we ask?

Unfortunately time and increasing traffic took their toll again: we were told we wouldn't get permission to use this course beyond 2006.

maplinkWooroloo (Liberton Rd) 17.5km circuit

Strava Route

The circuit comprises Old Northam/Government Rd | Needham Rd | Liberton Rd and the options are 1, 2 or 3 laps of the triangle. The start is in Needham Rd and the finish, in Government Rd just past the Needham Rd junction.

Intermediate times will be recorded at the Chidlow end—the turn back into Old Northam Rd.