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• 17km Kings Park; Early-bird 4-24; 28 November 2023
• 39km Gidge 'A'; Hilly Classic 1-24; 26 November 2023
• 17km Kings Park; Early-bird 3-24; 14 November 2023
• 17km Kings Park; Early-bird 2-24; 31 October 2023
• 80km NorthLink PSP; 22 October 2023
• 17km Kings Park; Early-bird 1-24; 17 October 2023
• 30km Hopeland; The 'Gents'; 1 October 2023



Previous Seasons

The above link will take you to the searchable Results database begun in 2005, containing ATTA event results for WA, reaching back to 1988 when we started; all Titta results until the end of 2006; NSW from 2003 to the last Calga event (December 2019) and ATTA-Vic results for the year they were active: 2007.
Previous results of the Southwest Cycle Club and Busselton CC Summer Series TT events are also included in the results database.

Completed in April 2023, all available ATTA results had been added to the database on this siteā€”up to fifty rides per year in the early years. Some of the first of the evening series, the Willow series are not included, having been run on behalf of the WA Vets; a few other events that ATTA was involved in have also been omitted but do exist on a master, reference database.

Note that where recorded rider details are incomplete (eg: missing date of birth) and the rider cannot be unambiguously identified, the riders will not appear in the 'Fast 50' search (the 50 fastest times on a course).