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Friday July 26, 2002


Prior to the meeting proper the worthy qualifiers for Hilly Shirts and BAR medals were presented with their awards.

We do take some pride in maintaining our record of brief, simple (and unencumbered by any acrimony), sociable AGMs.

All the previous 'extant' office bearers were re-elected with the addition of Jenny Holt and Andrew Haskins to the committee.

The item of importance to all members however was the ratification of the decision made at last year's AGM to delay an inevitable incease in membership fees to this year (and budget for a possible deficit for one year). This had become necessary due mainly to the substantial increase in the cost of Public Liability Insurance premiums. It had been anticipated that it might be necessary to increase the fees to $20 but this has been held to $15 this year to be reviewed at the next AGM.

However, the cost of Race Entry will also be marginally increased to $5 for members and $7 for non-members with the $1 charged to those under 16 years unchanged. Our NSW members set their own fees but it is anticipated they will be adopting fees closer to ours and will be able to contribute to the insurance costs this year.

So, in all we should be able to cope and continue to provide the friendly service to TTers around the place that they have come to expect.

Again this year we will expect members to assist in the running of events by donating a couple of rides in order to marshal but the trade-off will probably be more liberal than last season. This is a matter for the committee and will be discussed soon along with the next version of the events calendar. So keep in touch - with the website.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the ATTA Endeavour award to Kirsten Estcourt for her excellent and much appreciated contribution to the functioning of ATTA over the last couple of years.

And then we enjoyed dinner.