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Saturday July 26, 2008, 08:30
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont

The Agenda

Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts

Minutes of 2007 meeting

Reports (.pdf downloads)

Election of Office Bearers

All positions to be declared vacant and the following officers to be elected:

Other Business



Report from 2008 meeting

Having consumed breakfast, distributed the Hilly shirts and presented BAR medals to worthy qualfiers, the Hllly Trophy again to Lorraine and, in abstentia, Mke Buytels and the BAR Hart Trophy to Owen Jones to be shared with Lorraine, we began the meeting proper just after 8:30.

As a matter arising from the minutes of the previous AGM it was noted that we had in fact gone ahead with the idea of attaching race numbers to Triathlon-style belts and implemented online registrations with prepayment for major events this year.

Summaries of the President's and Treasurer's reports were given and some amplifications made:

President's report
The committee considered the possible implications for us of CA TT Licences (Ride-It) The feeling was that we don't need to change our approach; we shouldn't. We need to retain our own insurance to be able to accept non-CA riders so, whatever advantage Ride-It licences may offer, we could not insist on universal licensing. This view might be reviewed if CA and TA organised some sort of reciprocity and there was a similar arrangement with the AVCC; and perhaps WAMBA! We do, however recognize the utility of the licences.
Little progress has been made in the integration of AVCC & C-WA
Our affiliation with C-WA still involves a good working relationship but continues to have a number of anomalies (eg the licensing question; event sanctioning; possibly rider sanctioning). We remain mindful of the conditions C-WA imposes on clubs in the event sanctioning process particularly in terms of our duty-of-care. Several of us recently became CA-accredited Level 1 Commissaires and we have had a number of accredited Level 1 coaches for some time.
Timing. We need to develop a policy about casual riders and that at some point, after a number of rides with us, we should expect a commitment to the purchase of a transponder and possibly full membership (we have noted an increase in membership in the past year)
Sponsorship and donations: where are our corporate 'friends'?
Considerable gratitude is already due to a number of members who have made donations to the transponder fund. Recognition will be made in an 'honour roll' on the website at least.
There is a difficulty in the application of the conventional wisdom of the user pays approach to the introduction of our new timing system. There is a real risk that we will see users disappear but, that aside, we see this development as fundamental to ATTA's operation. An important part of the ATTA philosophy is that our races are open to everyone and that this involves not placing barriers like hefty entry fees in the way. It was felt we are justified in hoping that existing members will see an opportunity to make a contribution - as some obviously have. We have been and still are pursuing donations and possible grants.

Treasurer's report
Apart from the expenditure on the Timing equipment and Traffic Management (met from reserves and a loan) the predictions of the 2007-08 budget were met closely.
There has been an increase in bank fees and the commission paid to Register Now for online pre-payment of race fees although a significant additional outlay, was justified by the increased efficiency of the race management system.
We will continue to emphasise the use of the EFT as the preferred method of payment for ChipX transponders and membership.
The budget presented allowed for a deficit of approximately $6100 but this included $5k for repayment of a loan used for the purchase of transponders and is not conditional on a specified repayment time and is interest free.

It was recommended to increase membership fees to $25 (Family: $40 and $15 for Seniors and Under 16s); race entry fees would remain unchanged except for the Under 16s rate that would increase to $2. There was no dissent from these recommendations and they were agreed to. They are to be implemented immediately.

We added Natalie Roberts, John Innes and Rudy Lunel to the Executive committee that otherwise remained pretty much unchanged. The full list can be found on the Contacts page

There was some discussion about the possible loss of the Early Birds Series or at least its curtailment if the course-policy of the Kings Park authorities remained unchanged. We noted the fact that on the Lovekin Sausage it would not be feasible to have 30-second start intervals and this alone would restrict the field size. Roger Hales will co-ordinate efforts to lobby the authorities to review the policy

The next AGM was scheduled for either Saturday July 25, 2009 or August 1st if this was not possible.