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Friday July 29, 2005, 18:30
Meeting Room, UWA Sports & Recreation Centre

Report from 2005 meeting

After the presentations:

As all the reports have been available (see above), only minor amplifications or explanations were given; a report from John Pimm (attaTAS) was read and has been appended to the President's Report

The main discussion related to the setting of fees for the coming year. A request had been received recently from the ACF that all affiliated clubs might consider standardising membership fees to facilitate the process of online licence renewal. While this doesn't have a significant effect on ATTA membership, it did provide an opportunity and possibly a framework for us to reconsider our fee structure and it was accepted that the introduction of reduced fees for "Old Farts" (>60) and Juniors and the introduction of a Family rate was worthwhile. These were accepted as $10 in the case of the former two and $30 for the latter. The Family membership represents no effective change from the present rate for a membership of two, but is a reduction for more than two, of course. and the increase of the basic rate to $20 was not considered to be likely to be a burden but would preclude any necessity for change to race entry fees for probably several years. It is race entry fees that provides the bulk of our income but the meeting readily recognised the importance of keeping these as low as possible

We do anticipate a significant increase in insurance premiums as a result of the continuing increase in the rider numbers (particularly in NSW); of course we expect that they will continue to meet their obligations as a result of this. But numbers have also increased here in WA. Tassie will also have an increasing participation rate as a result of enlarging their program of events. Some of this increase has occured this year but it will continue through next year.

The election of Office Bearers resulted in the re-election of the current bunch (with the exception of John Neville who was absent and Jenny and Roger Holt who were unavailable for next year) and the addition of Mark Roberts, Greg Gendron and Steve Fitzsimmons. This looks to have the potential of considerably revitalising the Committee structure.
So let's go…