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Saturday July 27, 2019, 2:00pm

Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

Tea and coffee
BAR and Hilly Trophy Presentations

The Agenda


Minutes of 2018 meeting (.pdf)


President's report (.pdf)
Treasurer's report, Income/Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet (.pdf)


Election of Office Bearers

All positions will be declared vacant and the following officers elected:

Other Business



Thank you, Alison, for the Rocky Road.

Paul van der Walt, last year's BAR trophy winner was there to collect his medal for his performance this year, having improved his average speed by close to 1km/h. Paul passed the title on to Stu Helm who likewise improved his previous (2017) winning performance and this time will share the BAR trophy with Wanda Jansen van Vuuren. The Hillies trophy will be shared by Stu (Fastest time and Standards) and, once again, Steff Van Amerongen (Women).

The President's and Treasurer's Reports and financial statements had been available for a while; a few additional explanatory comments were made regarding recent changes at WestCycle and proposed changes at Cycling Australia and their potential implications to ATTA.

Informal discussion (non-AGM business) – the question of making all pre-registrations pre-paid was raised and the answer is that this has been and continues to be considered; some events are pre-paid (eg: the Early-birds and Championships). The use of third-party providers to collect fees, which we need to do, creates inefficiencies within the current pre-registration system and imposes a considerable amount of extra work. We can't simply substitute one work-flow with another. A first step though might be the extension of the series concept to the Champion Lakes events similar to that now applied to the Hillies.
Alison floated the idea of a different sort of event concept that could find a place as an evening event or a short Saturday event; it seemed to involve hill climbs.

The incoming management committee is listed on the Contacts page.