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Saturday August 9, 2014, 08:00
HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont

Tea and coffee were available.
Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts

The Agenda


Minutes of 2013 meeting (PDF)


President's report (.pdf)
Treasurer's report and Income/Expenditure Statement (.pdf)


Election of Office Bearers

All positions will be declared vacant and the following officers elected:

Other Business


Forum discussion (non-AGM business)


The Minutes from the meeting
Having distributed the Hilly shirts we then presented the Hilly Trophy to be looked after by Jonathan Beck; Alison Ramm and Colin Rose. BAR medals were presented to those that had earned them and the BAR trophy was handed on to Chris Roberts and, again, Alison Ramm; they well and truly earned it.

The AGM bit of the meeting was declared to have begun and mouse rambled on for a while supposedly giving some amplification to his President's report. He muttered something about electronic timing and software and the website and forgot to mention that while nobody had seemed to notice that the Standards had again been modified slightly in that non-Masters riders were no longer included at all there is current interest in the UK in applying Standards to a wider age group than at present (the over-40s).

Jeff did his commentary of the Treasurer's report somewhat more efficiently and we launched in to the 'elections' that were a matter of reappointing the previous mob with the (very welcome) addition of Frank Norton. That was the end of AGM business so the meeting officially closed and was immediately followed by a members' discussion (forum) that was healthily robust. Items included here were:

This was all good stuff and gave us something to chew ond act on.
And that was that.