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Saturday August 8, 2015, 08:00am
HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont

Tea and coffee
Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts

The Agenda


Minutes of 2014 meeting (.pdf)


President's report (.pdf)
Treasurer's report, Income/Expenditure Statement (.pdf) and Balance Sheet (.pdf)


Election of Office Bearers

All positions will be declared vacant and the following officers elected:

Other Business


Informal discussion (non-AGM business)


The presentation of the Hillies trophy was made to Steff Van Amerongen. Colin Rose, who shared the honours with Steff, had apologised for his absence. This year's shirts for the series had already been distributed to those who were present and had earned one.
Troy Coulthard was the happy recipient of the BAR (Hart) Trophy and we also handed out various BAR medals (the last of our current design).

Mouse rambled on for a while with a few additions to his report and Jeff followed up with a more succinct commentary on ATTA's financial position; most of the existing Committee was reinstated; thanks were given, hopefully to whomever deserved them for the work over the past twelve months and the meeting finished in less than an hour.

Minutes from Meeting