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Saturday August 1, 2009, 08:30
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont

Breakfast from 08:00


The Agenda

Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts

Minutes of 2008 meeting

Reports (available as .pdf downloads)

Election of Office Bearers

All positions to be declared vacant and the following officers to be elected:

Other Business



Report from 2009 meeting

Once again, having consumed breakfast, distributed the Hilly shirts and presented BAR medals to worthy qualfiers, the Hllly Trophy to Mark Roberts and to Lorraine and the BAR Hart Trophy also to Mark to be shared with Margaret Watroba, we began the meeting proper just after 8:30.

The President's and Treasurer's reports were amplified:

President's report
Overall, matters this year have been very unpredictable!

• 196 cf (2008)= 185; (5 or 6) we have never seen?
• some members are definitely convenience members
• 23 CA members this year.

• Distribution and recovery of Tx didn't throw up any unanticipated difficulties.
• Loan Tx; 150 bought so far, 57 owned by members; problem is balancing member-owned units and loan pool. Possibly we can encourage more owners to leave units for loan as the logistics no longer seem too difficult. We've just added another 30 that means we have 90+ available for loan.
• Grants - nothing available in WA although there seem to be in other States
• Levy details (applied from December and to be discussed in Other Business); options
• Cost of hiring
• Cost to events of 'No-shows' (options: punitive extra levy but problem exists in discriminating against one group but accepting late apologies. The number of unapologetic DNSs is possibly diminishing)
• Further developments planned: start timer synced with laptop; electronic display; results upload from field.

• 77 riders/event (2245 in 29 events to July) cf (2008) = 59
• No courses lost as such and we possibly saw less traffic on the Hopeland/ Mdj course with the move of the 160 away from Easter; no problems with the 80 at Wandi on Easter Monday
• WARP only needed to be used for the Bibra Lake event this year but GregG now signing as TM for many events where we need such a person. There was a smaller field for the 40 and we had lots of helpers available; we had coped well for the 80k Championships previously.
• C-WA is trying to develop some sort of co-ordinated approach to course permissions. It would be useful if this had an influence in achieving some uniformity in requirements across the various Local Authrities.

• ( …despite our marginal status in C-WA), nevertheless we are still a point of entry to road racing for some riders and provide events that are needed by many C-WA affiliates - either as events in their own right or as training.
• Some discussions already on how we might provide special events for Juniors; possibly at Champion Lakes.
• Other states and the NSW legacy - still have enquiries (eg Qld, SA, Vic) but have not heard of any developments. It was discussed previously and agreed that ATTA would not enter into any agreements where the other group was less than fully autonomous.

• 99/100% uptime
• There would probably be advantages in local hosting (static IP address for one?) and we are looking at doing this. Timing any such move would be important. Maybe when the new look is done?

• Club kit important for identity.
Thanks Natalie for efforts in dealing with Sprint Design - looked like a good deal until the possible quality problems emerged - still like to use an online purchasing system that would be available throughout the year.
• Ventou were considered an interim measure with the recent batch of clothing; it's not decided whether we will continue with them. There are a lot more options now than even a short time back. We'd prefer a local manufacturer but …

(Committee and Acknowledgements)
• propose a scheduled bimonthly or quarterly whole committee meeting with email continuing as the first line of contact.
• Thanks to Roger Hales for getting the coffee van organised (and Nat for pursuing several other options)
• Some success with attempts to set up skilled back-up people for event . Andrew Mackie was about to deputise for Stuey who had been continuing to hold the fort despite the fact that he had been trying to take a step back from the job but then disruptions in Andrew's personal life meant that Susie who was helping out had to take it over. We do have the whole thing systematically documented now so that we could hand over to anyone easily if necessary.
• Greg Gendron is lending his professional TM accreditations and has looked (is looking) at the whole process
• Owen did look over Lorraine's shoulder as a deputy treasurer but has said he probably won't be able to take over this year (work) [But see below]
• Now we need to duplicate this back-up in the other areas of Admin and event management
• Many thanks due to ALL our marshals and helpers.

Treasurer's report

This year we have had a substantially increased turnover due mainly to an increased number of riders, expenditure on equipment (transponders) and repayment of a loan from the previous year for equipment.

It was recommended to retain the existing membership fees ($25; Family: $40 and $15 for Seniors and Under 16s) but race entry fees would need to be adjusted and that fees less than $10 paid through Register Now could not be sustained. It was argued that in order to maintain efficiency at registrations we needed to simplify the rates and this was agreed to without dissent when we discussed and set the fees later in the meeting The new rates would be $5 for all plus a $5 transponder levy for loaned units. The rates for the Championship events would no longer include reduced levels for optional distances at a particular event and Bibra Lake rates would all be at one level too. The new rates are to be implemented immediately.

In answers to questions it was pointed out that the life of transponders was expected to be 5 years and the recent purchase of additional units for the loan pool could be seen as part of the replacement program, coming just over a year since the original purchase. We should not need to hire on a regular basis any longer.

Election of Office bearers

President, Deputy Presidents, Course permissions Secretary and Marshal co-ordinator were unchanged; Owen Jones was elected to be Treasurer assisted by Lorraine. The Executive committee would include Nicky Armstrong, Roger Hales, Greg Perry, Byron Geneve, John Innes and Neil McRae. The full list can be found on the Contacts page. Other interested members would be welcomed to the email list for administrative matters.

Other Business

As he had requested, a message from Brad Hall, thanking ATTA and extolling its virtues was read (we like to hear such sentiments expressed).
We briefly discussed whether to continue the program of presenting the Hilly shirts to riders who qualified in that series; most present seemed to thnk it was justified but we will canvass opinion by means of a forum poll.

At Championship events winners of cash prizes would need to be in attendance at the presentations to receive such prizes. The possible forfeiture would be added to the Race Rules

The meeting was over by 10:04am

The next AGM will be scheduled for a date about twelve months from now