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Saturday July 29, 2006, 08:30
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont

Continental Breakfast Menu
$17.00 per guest
•Assorted Cereals •Natural and Fruit Yoghurt •Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter •Danish Pastries, Croissants and Muffins •Assorted Breads for Toasting •Selection of Honey and Jams •Freshly Brewed Tea and Coffee


Report from the Meeting

Following breakfast in the Champions Club proceedings began or continued with the presentations of the BAR medals and trophy (fought over by Lorraine and Mark with Lorraine taking it off to her lair); the Hilly trophy (gracefully accepted by Mark but also again bearing Lorraine's name) and the Hilly shirts to those well-qualified to wear one by virtue of their efforts during the season.

We then began the meeting proper with the usual formalities followed by the explanation and 'analysis' of the President's and Treasurer's reports that involved a certain amount of Presidential waffling it seems. After the (re-) election of the principal office-bearers, the 'titulars': Peter Meyer (President); Rod Randall and Roger Hales (Vice-Presidents); Lorraine Schutz (Treasurer) with Stuey Estcourt to continue in the task of co-ordinating race permissions, we added several new names to our existing group to form an extended general committee to manage our activities. These people are: Sue Munro, Nicky Armstrong and Jason Pelham. Steve McKiernan and Neil McRae will also join the existing list that included: Bob Barnes, Mel Davies (WCMCC liason), Kirsten Estcourt, Greg Gendron, Andrew Mackie, Greg Perry and Mark Roberts, So we now have a good list of people from which we might derive enlightenment and get things done - mainly, it is hoped, by responding to emails but also in periodic face-to-face meetings. We will also schedule other meetings of (yet-to-be-) selected sub-committees.

The setting of fees for Membership and Race-entry saw no change in Membership rates but it was agreed that a small increase in the non-member race entry was justified; this was set at $8; applicable from the beginning of next season. It was also agreed that the entry fee to the Championships would need to be increased, particularly for the 40km event. This will be increased to at least $20 but will be combined with some sort of on-line registration that will include pre-payment. Details will be sorted out soon; the date of the '40k' is also expected to be confirmed soon.

The date of the next AGM will be July 28, 2007 - another Saturday morning!

Finally it was agreed that a request from a group in Victoria to promote Time Trials under the auspices of ATTA as in NSW and Tasmania could be sanctioned on the understanding that they recognise the essentially co-operative nature of such an arrangement and an obligation to accept the tenets on which we operate. These requirements have, in fact already been stated in a recent email. But it was emphasised at the meeting that ATTA does not have any ambition to become a national organisation in the sense of, say Cycling Australia. Any integration of activities on a national level can only provide a cohesiveness to activities that can and must remain the independent responsibility of the separate groups.