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Saturday July 31, 2010, 08:00
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont

Breakfast from 07:30


The Agenda

Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts

Minutes of 2009 meeting

Reports (available as .pdf downloads)

Election of Office Bearers

All positions to be declared vacant and the following officers to be elected:

Other Business


Forum discussion (non-AGM business)

Report on 2010 Meeting

We consumed our mueslii and muffins, distributed most of a box-full of hard-earned Hilly shirts and then presented a swag of BAR medals culminating with the 'loan' of the Hart trophy to Natalie and Chris Roberts. They then retreated in deep discussion about the polishing rights and we began with the AGM agenda about 8:30.

The President's and Treasurer's reports were amplified:

President's report.

An otherwise buoyant year has been overshadowed by nine months of C-WA melt-down. Our place is rightfully with them as we are race-orientated as distinct from 'serious recreational' or anything else. Our future with C-WA is uncertain and ATTA is likely to remain marginalised for a while yet. Problems with factional jealousies and insularity seems endemic but there have been some positive developments within the organisation and we can now, at least anticipate a future where a body outside C-WA takes over some forms of membership, insurance etc - and provides cross-discipline accessibility to events for cyclists that has been the lynch-pin of the ATTA way since the beginning.
At the moment we can't sensibly conform even to CA technical specifications for racing if such conformity was going to exclude, for example, triathletes.
The cost & complexity of licensing also may be prohibitive.

Racing/ Timing

� another full year of electronic timing behind us and sufficient transponders in our pool not to need any hirings.
Transponders - we've begun to see a few 'failures' but so far they have been within the warranty period. Otherwise expect to see most failures at 3-5 years. (depends on many factors: use, age, device-variability, temperature) The levy seems to work and will provide sufficient funds for replacements within the transponder pool as needed; supplemented by the occasional 'outside' timing job.
'Club-Flex', a new system starting to be promoted by MyLaps (AMB) is a possible solution to outright-purchase by members in which we lose the use of the Tx when the member disappears; a couple have passed them on to other riders though. We are waiting for details of the 'Club-flex' system but essentially it's a lease/ licensing arrangement that might have more appeal to members than outright purchase.
The P3 software protocol was finally released to us and, being implemented, has improved the efficiency of the system from the technical viewpoint.
More tweaks are to come eg results upload; broadcast to base; teams; TAG pane; start.

No new courses but we're presently looking at West Coolup and co-productions with SWCC. although they are prepared to and do come up for the more southerly courses anyway.
Correction: Aunt Emily from Kojonup pointed out after the meeting that Koji was a new course. Sorry Auntie Em, of course it was. It's so quickly become established in the program (one ride; two if you consider the previous day's training ride as another) that I just didn't think of it as 'new'.

A brief mention had been made of Kings Park negotiations and its ramifications.


We had a big increase (24%). Why? We should consider membership benefits that have been a bit eroded with loss of entry fee benefit. Various possibilities are being considered as a job for the incoming committee.

Frank Norton made the comment that the current set-up seemed pretty satisfactory to most people: members had race-entry priority; some discounts; the registration process was kept simple and this was a good thing. Others echoed Frank's comments.

Acknowledgement of the support given, in particular by Susie and Lorraine was reiterated; also the long-time support from Aunt Emily. We also thanked Mark Roberts for his support over the past few years as he'll not be continuing as a committee man and then forgot to mention Nicky Armstrong and friends (Sorry Nicky).
The number of new volunteer helpers we have seen was remarked on; as was our gratitude. Mention was made, though, for the need of an 'On-call' register of helpers.

A few comments were made about the committee management system and aims to improve it in the coming year; particularly in role-specification.

We then thanked Owen Jones for his contributions (his job has seen him relocated to Bunbury) and passed the air-space to him for the

Treasurer's report

Owen briefly summarised his report and recommendations. He mentioned again the preference for EFT for payments such as memberships rather than, say Register Now although that service had nevertheless served us well even if it wasn't the simplest system from which to extract information.

This was all followed by the declaration that all Office-bearer positions were vacant and so we proceeded to elect a new lot. It was deemed there were a few km left in Mouse so he was re-elected President; Natalie Roberts, Lorraine and Susie were elected Vice-Presidents and by acclamation, appointed to the Executive committee were: Mike Round; Chris Gaskell; John Innes; Byron Geneve; Roger Hales; Troy Coulthard. Loraine will be caretaker Treasurer until a more permanent appointment can be made from amongst the committee members. Mike, Chris and Troy are all new to the roles and most welcome.
The email, virtual committee will continue to operate and contribute to the management of ATTA's affairs and comprise those just mentioned plus a number of those previously on the list.

Just before we finished with the business of the AGM, Natalie mentioned our need for a Publicity Officer on occasions. In fact several offers to contribute in such a role have recently been made so hopefully, in the future the ATTA message can be put in a more effective and accomplished way.

Fees were set for the coming year, unchanged from last year.

About 9:20 we seemed to have exhausted the discussion and the meeting was closed. We'll do it again next year on or about July 30th.