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Saturday July 27, 2013, 08:00
Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont

Tea and coffee will be available.

The Agenda

Presentation of Trophies, BAR medals and Hilly Shirts


It is proposed to amend ATTAʼs rules as required by the Department of Consumer & Employment Protection.

Special resolution to amend Rules:

It is proposed to amend ATTA’s rules as follows:
1 To amend Rule 3
by inserting the sub rule: "(3) The property and income of ATTA:
(a) must be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects set out in sub rule (1) or (2); and
(b) must not be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to a member other than in good faith in the promotion of those objects."

2 To amend Rule 18(1)
that reads: "(1) The committee must ensure that required records are maintained and kept as required by the Act."
to read: "(1) The committee must ensure that required records are maintained and kept as required by the Act and assign the responsibility of such to one or more of its members."

3 To amend Rule 21
that reads: "These rules may be amended or replaced in the manner provided in the Act."
to read: "These rules may be amended or replaced in the manner provided in the Act, by a Special Resolution passed by a majority of 75% of members present or by proxy and entitled to vote at a General meeting of the Association."

• Alterations to the rules can only be made if 75% of voting-entitled members at the meeting vote in support of the resolution.
• Alterations to the rules only take effect when lodged with the Department of Consumer & Employment Protection.
• You may vote in person or by proxy. Proxy forms (PDF download) must be given to ATTA before the meeting.
• A PDF copy of the current Rules may be downloaded.

Minutes of 2012 meeting (PDF)


• Treasurer's report (PDF); balance sheet & charts (PDF).
• President's report (PDF)

Election of Office Bearers

All positions will be declared vacant and the following officers elected:

Other Business


Forum discussion (non-AGM business)

Report from the Meeting

Hilly shirts having been distributed, the Special Resolution to amend the Rules was put to the meeting and accepted unanimously.

President's and Treasurer's reports were presented with the usual elaboration and duly accepted. Most of the retiring committee of management had previously said they were prepared to continue in their roles and re-elected; as was the President. Two new committee members were added to the list: Jeff Usher and David Equid; Robin Warrington will be added to the commitee mailing list and assist when possible.

That concluded most of the business of the meeting so the date of the next one was set, provisionally, as July 26, 2014 and the meeting was formally closed but followed by a brief forum discussion then presentation of the BAR medals and trophies for both BAR and Hillies. Congratulations to Troy Coulthard, Jenny Sammons and Stuart Gee for their Hilly achievements and Phil Deisel and Claudia Gadomsky for their Best-all-Round performances.

The Minutes (PDF)